The Trial

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About the Trial

The Trial takes place in a post-zombie-apocalypse world, in which Fiona Andrews and Clare Phillips are to be test cases for how the courts and society at large should deal with the aftermath of a zombie virus that can be cured. Fiona, who was infected and killed people while she was sick, and Clare, who killed zombies in self-defence, will both be available at the Science Museum on Jan 30 from 6.30pm to 9pm, and on Feb 2 and 3 as part of the Zombielab event. We are asking visitors to the exhibit, and to this site, to say what they think should happen to the pair.

About the Event

In early 2013, a virus known as WK-23 was detected for the first time. It causes humans to lose fine motor control and become both delirious and insatiably hungry, particularly for raw meat. The complex symptoms mimic the popular idea of zombies, and the quick spread of the virus through saliva and blood led to a pandemic event, widely known as the zombie apocalypse.

A range of materials has been produced by the Community Jury Initiative to assist citizens with the effects of the WK-23 virus pandemic. These include an information poster explaining how to build a fallback shelter in the event of neighbourhood infection, and a leaflet on what to do if you have infected friends or family.

Screenshots of news articles written during the event have been preserved, including a report on early outbreaks at funeral homes, the unfortunate royal incident and the beginnings of a return to normality in some areas.


A few extracts from evidence gathered about the incident in which Fiona Andrews and Clare Phillips were involved have been prepared for Community Jury Initiative use. These are made up of witness reports and interview quotes. There is also a short film of the incident, taken from a mobile phone found at the scene, and a Zombie Infection Patrol report on Fiona's induction.

The CJI has also prepared three fact sheets to assist members in reaching their verdicts: Zombie Myths and Facts; information on the legal definitons of murder and manslaughter; and some information about the mind, memory and consciousness.

About the CJI

The Community Jury Initiative is a citizen's panel set up as part of a new consultation programme. It is an experimental way of engaging citizens with the processes of rebuilding justice in the post-zombie-apocalpyse world. We are working to ensure that society remains stable despite the difficult events of recent months, and to ensure that we recover from the pandemic in the best shape possible. The CJI is endorsed by people at all levels of society, and we encourage you to join us or, if you prefer a more active role, to join the Zombie Infection Squads in your area.


If you have perused all available evidence and would like to complete the Community Jury Initiative survey that will decide the fate of Fiona and Clare, and provide us all with a path to justice, please click here.

The Verdict

This verdict is updated in real time from the results of online surveys and from counting physical votes at the Science Museum.


Game design & production

Science Museum event

  • Fiona: Mary Hamilton
  • Clare: Ellen Clegg
  • Front of house: Grant Howitt
  • Crew: Chris Farnell, George Seed, Alina Sandu, Matt Barnes

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